How To Import A Template In GoodNotes

If you use a bullet journal and want to start a digital planner then this post shows you how to import a template into GoodNotes so that you can use the same page over and over again
How To Import A Template In GoodNotes

Importing templates into GoodNotes is the next step you can take into making full use of your digital planner.

If you have come here from my previous post, How to import a digital planner into GoodNotes, then this post shows you how to import a template so that you can use the same page over and over again. These templates are in the form of a cover page but could be any PDF page you want.

Again you can find many digital notebook covers in my shop on Etsy. So head there to find some, or create your own using your photos or other images.

Getting creative with your digital planer is easy, and allows you to personalise it so that you get the most out of your planner.

After importing a digital planner the next thing you may want to do is add some pretty covers to your Notebook.

GoodNotes comes with a lot of single ‘paper’ page templates. You can use these to add pages to your Notebooks and it is this approach that we will be using to add new pretty covers to your digital Notebook.

In case you are unsure of how to import our digital covers for your planners, here is a video that walks through importing them.

Step by step actions on how to import digital covers into a Notebook in GoodNotes

Once you have purchased one of our digital cover sets, download the file from Etsy and unzip it. This will result in 2 different file types for the same covers:

  • multiple pdf files for each cover
  • multiple jpg files for each cover

You only need to use one file type, as each file is a complete cover. The file type you use depends on which digital app you are using. Take a look at this post to see which file types are compatible with different digital notes apps.

Here are the steps I took in the video:

  1. Place the downloaded file somewhere that your tablet has access to. I use Dropbox, as I can access the files on both my desktop and my iPad.

2. Open the GoodNotes app. This should open on the ‘Documents’ page.

3. To create a new template, select the Settings option in the top right-hand corner (the yellow circle in the image below). This then shows a drop-down menu.

4. From the drop-down menu select the Notebook Templates option.

5. This will take you to the Notebook Templates page. Because we are creating a new template there are two starting points for this, as indicated by the yellow circles in the image below.

Selecting the option in the MY TEMPLATES section of the page will directly import the new template. Selecting the + in the top right-hand corner will create a new group for your templates to be imported into.

6. If you create a new group, the app will prompt you to enter a group name and this group is then added to the Templates page, just above the MY TEMPLATES section.

7. To import the new template just select the + Import option in either the MY TEMPLATES section or the new group section you have just created. See below. This then asks you to choose where you are importing the file from.

8. If you are using one of our digital cover sets then choose the ‘From Files option and locate the downloaded files you created in step 1 and select one. This will import the file as a new template. This can then be repeated for each cover.

9. To use the template open up a Notebook from the Documents page. In the top right-hand corner select the +, making sure the ‘Before Current page’ button is pressed. Then select ‘Templates’.

10. This opens the Templates page, allowing you to select the template you want to use.

11. Select one of your newly imported Covers and select ‘Apply’ in the top right-hand corner. This immediately adds the template page to your Notebook and you should now have a pretty cover on your Notebook. For the cover to display as a cover on the Documents page make sure this cover page is the first page in your Notebook.

If you want to personalise your Notebook a bit more try adding some pretty stickers to the pages of your Notebook. Check out this post, which shows you how to import and use digital stickers.

Click here to find out how to import a digital planner in GoodNotes.

Products used in this tutorial:

Notebook: Awesome Digital Monthly Planner

Covers: Watercolor digital planner covers

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please check out our privacy policy for more details.


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